June 13, 2010

Story - A Pad of His Own

Today when I visited the Herons in Valentines Park, the two resident chicks were respectively in the nest and on the branch- no sign of any adults and no sign of the fledged chick on his usual log or bank.
However, I walked round the pond checking out the island for him and finally spotted a grey shape in the shore's undergrowth, east of the nest. He gradually emerged as he searched for food in the water. After some time he started to move along the shore- rather clumsily nearly falling into the water at one point when he was flying to a new perch! In fact he did have another of his "dips" too, making a big splash. I then realized he was heading for a Coots nest. The Coot had been on and off it, and its chicks were swimming around, but it did not look happy seeing the Heron's approach!
The cheeky Heron chick was not intimidated,and after a few more jump/flights plonked himself on the nest, his own nest at last!
Here he was happily making himself at home when I left... (Gillian Ware)

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