November 11, 2008


Shelduck: Winter Visitor
A small number of Shelduck have wintered on the gravel works site at Fairlop for the past few years, and a pair even bred there at least once (a few years ago). Single birds occasionally move the the private lake on Hainault Farm behind Fairlop Waters (known as the 'scrape') when disturbed by workmen or noise at the gravel works.

2009/2010 winter sightings:
  • Fairlop Gravel Works: 6 present (Nov 19th-July 18th)
  • Flyover Sightings: on 6 dates over the borough
2008/2009 winter sightings:
  • Fairlop Gravel Works: 5 present January 1st-June 23rd
  • Flyover Sightings: on 1 date over the borough

Historical Information:

  • Shelduck are reported as having been present (at least five times) at Hainault Forest pre 2003 by the late Mr. Mike Dennis

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