November 20, 2008


Nightingale: Summer Visitor

Latest Sightings:
  • August 22nd 2010, 1 at Fairlop Waters
  • July 11th 2010, 1 at Roding Valley Park (south)
  • June 2nd 2010, 1 at Five Oaks Lane Scrubland
  • May 23rd 2010, 1 in Five Oaks Lane, Scrubland
  • April 25th 2010, 1 in Wanstead Park
  • 1st May 2009, 1 in Fairlop Waters
  • 10th May 2007, 1 in Hainault Forest

Historical Information:

  • in May 2008, Nightingales were seen for about 2 weeks in Claybury Park, breeding was unconfirmed.
  • in 2003 2 pairs of Nightingales were reported by Mike Dennis as breeding in Hainault Forest and were thought to breed regularly, however, it is unclear if they have bred in susbequent years as records are slim since his passing.
  • In the 1997 edition of Dominic Mitchells 'where to watch birds in the London area' it states Nightingales were only an infrequent migrant

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