November 12, 2008


Wood Warbler: Occasional Migrant

At one time Wood Warblers could be heard in Hainault Forest and Epping Forest where they bred, however they are now only seen occasionally on migration.

Latest Sightings:

  • 20th August 2010, 1 in Wanstead Old Sewage Works
  • 19th August 2010, 1 in Goodmayes Park (with Long Tailed Tits)
  • 8th August 2010, 1 probable in Wanstead Park
  • 1st-2nd May 2005 - 1 seen at Fairlop Waters

Historical Information:

  • In the 1997 edition of Dominic Mitchells 'where to watch birds in the London area' it states Wod Warblers can be heard in the Spring, and that occasionally a pair stays on to breed.

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