November 12, 2008


Corn Bunting: Rare Visitor

Up to 20 pairs of Corn Buntings used to breed at Fairlop Waters, and some publications still suggest that Fairlop is a stronghold of this species, sadly however, nowadays they are rare visitors, just about clawing up an appearance in the borough at all.

  • March 5th - 1 at Fairlop Gravel Works
2009: (8 sightings)
  • 15th November 2009, 4 at Fairlop
  • 14th May 2009, 2 at Fairlop
  • 13th May 2009, 1 at Fairlop
  • 9th May 2009, 1 at Fairlop

Historical Sightings:

  • in 2003, the late Mike Dennis reported that Corn Buntings were still a Breeding Bird in Hainault Forest.
  • In the 1997 edition of Domonic Mitchells 'where to watch birds in London area', it states that there are up to 12 breeding pairs of Corn Buntings in the Fairlop area, and that outside the breeding season, over 50 have been seen together.

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