June 10, 2010

Story - In it up to my neck

I can't keep away from the heron family! Today I got a shock when I arrived: three chicks on the branch!
However, one (presumably the one who had fledged) almost immediately suddenly flew down to a log in the water by the shore of the island. Here he started to look for food.
At one point he seemed to think he was a duck and got right in the water!

When I first arrived, I had spotted a heron in one of the islands' trees and after some time he (or she) flew down and joined the chick- who started to make a lot of noise and wing-flapping. This was one of the parent birds and the two stayed together for probably twenty minutes-poking about in the water- before he flew up into a tree again. Here he sat for a short time- checking up that all was well, one would like to think!-before flying off...

The chick stayed where he was, near the bank and the remaining two chicks stayed on their nest/branch. I then had to leave so don't know what happened next...

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