June 05, 2010

Pics - June 2010

Do not underestimate Valentines Park!
Ok, so I have been banging on about Five Oaks Lane Scrubland - the site of the month! *cough* breeding Cuckoos *cough*, and other than that, the 'favoured' sites, and usual hotspots have been Fairlop Waters, Fairlop Gravel Works and Wanstead Flats... but please do not forget Valentines Park. Being one of the only locations in the borough with singing Goldcrest, coo-ing Stock Doves, as well as all the common Park and Woodland Birds, 20 Coot nests, and some real record breakers this year, with great breeding stories...
at number 4, the Great Crested Grebes on the Boating Lake. Heres how it went... they made a nest, a Coot moved in next door, (literally next door, not like, Number 2 Cranbrook Road is next door to Number 4, no, we are talking more like 2 and 2a!... Anyway, it didnt work out to well, the Coots jacked all the nesting material and the Grebes moved out.
However, they didnt stop there, they moved out of the semi, and build a lovely detatched pad just up the way. However, then the sun came out. Sun in Valentines Park BOATING lake means one thing.... BOATS! The Grebes got shook, and abandoned their nest!
But it didnt stop there, no!... They stuck around, relayed.... and she is now sitting on 2 eggs again! Watch this space (we can count on Gillian to be in the delivery room for the birth)
Pics by Gillian Ware

When translated from Grebe speek to Hinglish, she is saying 'Enough Already'
(directed at the former 'roommate' Mrs Coot, not at a persistant camera wealding Mrs. Ware)

at number 3, the Swans. 8 cygnets - by some miracle, seeing as it was the general consensus of many of the park staff, and regular Valentines birders that she was sitting on a very hefty 7 (yes, 7) eggs. 7 eggs, 8 cygnets... and up to 5 adults in the Park - Swans are doing very nicely thank you! (miraculously)

In at number 2. Not that we are boasting now, but we are the first pair of Grey Herons in the whole borough of Redbridge for well over 100 years. It is remarkable that these 3 youngsters have survived to adulthood (nearly), as the parents were hardly ever there during the last month (they were stealing Barbaras Coi!, or attempting to...)

this one (above) has got about as far away from the nest as is safe... well done Helen (Helen the Heron)

(wat u lookn at?)

And finally, at number 1.... The Egyptian Geese.. The first pair to breed in the borough, ever! (If you are a fundamentalist Christian like me, that is... the first pair in 6000 years!...wow... If you are a Evolutionist, that is.... the first pair in like 100'000'000'000 years or something.
Now, sad to say the 2 ducklings were hacked to death by crows last month... but rumour has it the Mrs Al Fayed is sitting on a new batch... and Mr. Al Fayed (below) has ventured over the boating lake for the first time in ages to get a bit of peace and quiet.

Yes, valetines park has it all. Thank you Gillian, and well done Simon et al.
Valentines Park - winner of the most productive park (when it comes to breeding birds) in Ilford!

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BJ said...

Yes, lets hear it for Valentines, one of the great unsung urban birding spots!
For me it's the woodpeckers and the house sparrow colony that are my favourites and hearing song thrushes again.