November 12, 2008


Pheasant: Resident Breeding

Pheasant breed on the farmland around Fairlop Waters, Little Heath and also in Hainault Forest. As such it is not possible to list every sighting. On any walk around Fairlop Plain, Painters Road or Hainault Road you should encounter a Pheasant, sometimes even in double figures.

Small numbers are also present in Roding Valley Park, both in the northern, and central sections. One male was also seen on Wanstead Flats on the 7th-9th Feb 2010... is this the start of something?

Number of pheasants located during 2010: 51 birds
  • Aldborough Hatch Farm: 2
  • Fairlop Waters CP: 2+
  • Fairlop Gravel Works: 18
  • Five Oaks Lane Scrubland: 10
  • Hainault Forest CP: 6
  • Roding Valley Park, Chigwell: 7
  • Roding Valley Park, Woodford Bridge: 3 (1 chick)
  • Roding Valley Park, South Woodford: 1
  • Wanstead Flats: 1
  • Wansead Park: 1

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