November 12, 2008


Arctic Tern: Passage Migrant

Arctic Terns usually pass through on migration, especially at Fairlop Waters. During Autumn migration, returning juveniles may linger for several days.

Latest Sightings:

  • 14th September 2008, 1 at Fairlop Waters
  • 7th-11th September 2008, 1 at Fairlop Waters.
  • 16th August 2008, 2 at Fairlop Waters.
  • 24th September-2nd October 2006, 1 juvenile at Fairlop Waters.

Historical Information:

  • Arctic Terns are reported as having been present (but less than five times) at Hainault Forest pre 2003 by the late Mr. Mike Dennis
  • In the 1997 edition of Dominic Mitchells 'Where to watch birds in the London area', it states that though irregular, flocks of up to 35 Arctic Tern have been recorded in April/May on passage at Fairlop Waters.

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