June 26, 2010

June 26th - 2010

Aldborough Hatch Riding School, Fairlop:
  • Today visited the Little Owl's for the 3rd night this week, and saw two of them out, and hunting and maybe one Juvenile, since the other owl was calling a lot, and alarming especially because of a wondering fox, the time we went was between 8:30pm and 9:30pm which seem perfect at this time of year.
  • Also there might be Green woodpeckers nesting as we constantly saw two of them flying in and out of the same tree.
  • Counted 30+ Swifts (Alex Blackman)

Valentines Park:

  • Mallard with 3 ducklingson Horse Pond (TLachhar)

Roding Valley Nature Reserve: (just outside the borough)

  • Whitethroats (several), Reed Warbler
  • Song Thrush, Blackbird,
  • Carrion Crow,
  • Redstart
  • Mute Swans (2), Great-created Grebe on nest & one on the water,
  • Coot on nest & coots on the water,
  • Canada Geese (no goslings),
  • House Sparrows, Starlings, lots of juvenile Pied Wagtails,
  • Swifts,
  • Little Egret flying over the main lake, and then along the river in a flypast!!
  • Green Woodpeckers, hybrid Mallard, Tufted Ducks and Pochard. (Emma Charles)

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