November 23, 2008


Lesser Black Backed Gull, Wanstead Flats - March 2010 (Emma Charles)

Lesser Black Backed Gull: Resident Breeding

Like Herring Gulls, Lesser Black Backed Gulls are less common in the borough than in surrounding boroughs that border the River Thames, and they are also far less common here than Black Headed Gulls and Common Gulls in winter, however, there are usually at least a few in most winter Gull flocks, and probably between 100-200 present in total. Non breeding birds and juveniles may flock at Wanstead Flats or Fairlop Gravel Works during the breeding season. A few pairs are known to nest on commercial roofs around Ilford.

Larger numbers can be seen flying overhead to roost.

2010 Winter Numbers: (largest count) - incomplete so far

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