November 18, 2008


Red Legged Partridge: Resident Breeding (scarce now though)

RLPs are thought to breed in the farmland around Hainault Forest and Fairlop, although sightings are few and far between these days. The last known sighting was autumn 2008

  • 19th July 2009, 1 in Roding Valley Park, Woodford Bridge
  • 31st October 2008, Fairlop Gravel Works
  • 16th March 2006, 2 on Wanstead Flats
  • 14th September 2004, 3 at Fairlop Waters
  • 21st May 2004, 2 at Farilop Waters

Historical Information:

  • In the 1997 edition of Dominic Mitchells 'Where to watch birds in the London area', it states that around 6 pairs of Red Legged Partridge were breeding in the Fairlop Area at that time.
  • The same book also indicates that Red Legged Partridges can be seen in nearby Hainault Forest (surrounding farmland)

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