November 13, 2008


Jackdaw, Wanstead - Sept 2009 (JLethbridge)

Jackdaw: Resident Breeding

Jackdaws are present in very good numbers in Wanstead Park and Hainault Forest (up to 100 at each location), Hainault Lodge Nature Reserve, where there are over 30, and less commonly anywhere else in the borough. The flock in Wanstead Park has dramatically increased over the last 10 years, in the year 2000 only 5 birds were seen. Jackdaws are expanding their territory over the borough, frequenting Valentines Park, and much of Ilford and Woodford Green in small numbers during 2010.

2010 Estimated Population: - 230 birds (based on peak counts from each site)

  • Five Oaks Lane: 20
  • Hainault Forest CP: 83
  • Hainault Lodge NR: 14
  • Ilford/Valentines Park: 12
  • Wanstead area: 80
  • Woodford Green area: 21
  • Other smaller numbers have been recorded widespread on occasion

Historical Information: (incomplete)

  • 2001: Bred for the first time in Wanstead Park, near Northumberland Avenue

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