June 15, 2010

Story - 2nd Grey Heron chick moves out..

When I arrived at the Valentines Park Herons nest today, there were the two chicks on the nest and the third on his usual log in the water.
He seemed to enjoy another of his duck-like dips, splashing with great gusto and then shaking out his wings!

After I had been there for about a couple of hours, I was idly watching one of the chicks on the nest branch- wondering how many days it would be until he and his companion left the nest - when suddenly he completely took me unawares by flying off the branch and down to the water to join the firs tfledgling! They almost immediately disappeared in the banks undergrowth where it was difficult to see them, but after a time came out squawking angrily at eachother! However, they seemed to settle down on their separate logs,searching for food. Then I had just turned my back for a second when I saw one of them- presumably the second one- flying back onto his branch. There he sat, while the third one still lay in the nest-

this pic is a wide angle to show the positions of the three birds.
While I was there I did not see either of the adults. Gillian Ware (13th June 2010)

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