November 12, 2008


Grey Heron, Valentines Park - Feb 2010 (Paul Ferris)
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Grey Heron: Resident (common)

Grey Herons are seen flying over, or fishing on the banks of the River Roding or any of the ponds and lakes in the borough. There are usually between 10 and 20 birds in the borough at any one time.

At one time, there was a Heronry in Wanstead Park, but no breeding had occured in the borough for many years, probably over 100 years, until 2010 when 1 pair set up home on the island on the Ornamental Lake in Valentines Park, hatching chicks on 25th April 2010.

In Late summer and autumn, numbers increase, with often 15-20 birds being present around Fairlop Works and Fairlop Waters alone. Some birds have also taken to stalking the ploughed fields, around Painters Road.


  • A pair of Grey Herons are nested on the Ornamental Lake, Valentines Park! hatching 3 chicks in late April, this is the first breeding pair of Grey Heron in the borough since at least 1880

Historical Information:

  • There was once a heronry in Wanstead Park, although there is limited information available as to when it was there... wanna read more?

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