September 21, 2010

Pics - Valentines Park

Back to the Boating Lake (I do visit other areas but seem to spend mosthours there!):
Two adult Great Crested Grebes being very "together" as usual. Chick cheeping around them as usual too. He managed to get close to them several times without being attacked, but I did witness one flurry of water when heand one of the adults dived in the same vicinity. Again, gulls were gathering close to him when he was diving. There were two pairs of Egyptian Geese there again- first on the boat, then swimming around and finally on the island. A Cormorant was on one of the boats again too. A Pochard was catching the sun on his burnished head and neck and Little Grebes were bobbing and diving around all over the place. I am showing the Grey Heron preening himself on the island but he was there on Saturday, not today.


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