September 16, 2010

Pics - Valentines Park

It was very choppy on the Boating Lake today with the wind, but the birdswere all busy fishing- see pic of Great Crested Grebe looking very proud with a fish in his beak...
and a Little Grebe also with a fish.
When I first caught sight of the Grebe family they were all in close proximity, but soon one of the adults chased off the chick and he went "scooting" rapidly off on the surface of the water... The other day, I saw the chick having an altercation with a Coot. The Grebe chick was diving for food and then the Coot dived after him; when they both emerged the Grebe chick sent the Coot flying! Today I heard a loud, persistent alarm note from a Coot and spotted a young family- 2 adults and 3 or 4 chicks being "stalked" by a Gull. He hung around for at least 5 minutes but finally gave up- hoping for food theadults were giving the chicks or hoping for a nice meal of coot-chick?

Now that the Swan cygnets are independent you don't often see many of them together, so it was nice to see the two adults followed by 4 of the 8 youngsters today. Gillian Ware

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