September 05, 2010

Pics - Valentines Park

More discord in the Great Crested Grebe family today! The chick- looking even more mature- still goes about giving pitiful little"cheeps", especially when he is near his parents. Today he yet again made an attempt to connect with them: when he saw them he moved near them- they raced off (a Cormorant simultaneously leaping out of the water to fly off) and he followed them.

They settled under one of the Alder trees and he bravely approached them- his cheeps getting more frantic- only to be chased off in a very unfriendly manner again!

You know it's all part of growing up but you can't help empathizing with him! The two Egyptian Geese were on the Boating Lake today (if it was the same two...)
also a male Tufted Duck and the Little Grebe family.

(Gillian Ware)

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