March 31, 2011


Redbridge Birdwatching is moving home....

From 1st April 2011 this site is now closed.

But dont worry....Following the 'scare' of me shutting down the Redbridge Birdwatching project when I started up 'London Birdwatching'... many of you requested that the site remained running due to the local community feeling of the site and the ease of checking the daily sightings, I was joyfully convinced to keep it going...

However to grow this community resource further, (keeping it local and informative), and encouraging more interaction and participation, I am moving all the information over to the new site:

the new site allows more interaction.... and the formatting does not get corrupted! This site has become increasingly hard to manage and update as it frequently gets corrunpted.

The new site is farily empty at the moment, but the daily sightings pages will be updated THERE from today (March 31st 2011). Please go to the homepage, then click 'sightings'... and over the coming days and months ALL the information on the Bird Pages will also be moved accross.

Im certain you will like the changes, but please let me know what you think...

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