October 04, 2010

Some Insight into our Canada Geese - Ginnette

If you'd like some news on the local Canada geese at Wanstead Park, I have some updates on one family I've observed since the were goslings. This family of two parents and six young who hatched and lived on Heronry Pond, flew that pond in August and are now with a colony of about 100 to 150 on Alexandra Pond on Wanstead Flats. I can tell the Heronry Pond family apart from others because I got to know these geese by their individual markings once all the goslings were fully feathered, and also they single me out to come toward, having recognised me from my visits to Heronry Pond, while the rest of the geese can take me or leave me (hah!). Yesterday I was back over at Heronry, and saw one lone Canada goose near the tea hut end. Walking back to the other end of Heronry, I saw three or four geese flying high overhead in a north-west direction, from the eastern side of Wanstead Park possibly heading to Hollow Ponds, it seemed like. Then I saw one goose fly back in toward the tea hut side of Heronry. Very interesting how they go from pond to pond! There's a pretty steady gaggle seemingly resident at Alex though, since August to the present time, including among them that family who hatched on Heronry. Hope that is of any use to you -- I'm not much good for other birds -- I'll leave that to you guys! -- but I've been watching my geese! - Ginnette

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