July 31, 2010

Pics - Valentines Park Grebes

Returning to Ilford and Valentines Park after a week away, I was justifiedin my worries for the Great Crested Grebe family- instead of a well-maintained nest with three eggs in it, there was a soggy nest with no eggs and no Grebes...Those poor Grebes... My fears were for the chick as I circumvented the lake without seeing a sign of the birds. However on my second time round I was delighted to hear that familiar "ch-ch-ch-cheep" of the chick- and sure enough I soon spotted him through the leaves of an Alder tree further up the lake. Next, I saw both his parents and one of them was charging about with nest-building materialsyet again! He kept taking them to an area where the leaves met the water soit was impossible to see what exactly he was building...

Gillian Ware

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