July 02, 2010

Pics - July 2010

Valentines Park update - Gillian Ware
The eight Mute Swan cygnets were out and about with their parents- looking enormous!
There I was hoping I might see on the Boating Lake baby Great Crested Grebes riding on their parent's back. Alas no, this was wishful thinking and what I actually saw was just one egg in the nest- instead of the three that werethere before I left. As one egg was laid some time after the first two, I wondered whether two could have hatched and something happened to the chicks? Or maybe the eggs just got stolen... But whatever happened the gallant Grebes are still looking after their one egg...Let's just hope this hatches.
I then moved on to check out the Egyptian Geese ducklings- having been away when they hatched. At first I could only see the parent birds resting on the West island shore, but eventually they came to the East shore with thefour goslings who then went into the water. They were very lively and twowent in one direction and two in another. After expressing some anxiety, the parent birds each took over watching one pair before amalgamating.

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