July 21, 2010

Pics - July 2010

The Great Crested Grebes at Valentines park are real troopers! Three eggs today!

And the chick is growing up well, diving with one parent quite far out in the lake, but then looking rather confused when he emerged from the water and there was no sign of his parent!
he spent most of his time endlessly "cheep-cheeping" after the non-sitting parent, demanding to be fed...attached one pic with fish (?) in his mouth.

He was not riding on his mother's back so much today but below is one pic of him sprawled on her back with his legs dangling...

The adults are still rotating the nest-sitting and one bird is still desperately building up the nest- he (or she) even plonked one stick right against the sitting bird, but did try to adjust it later.

by Gillian Ware..

Kestrels on Wanstead Flats (Jonathan Lethbridge)

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