May 29, 2010

May 29th 2010

Fairlop Waters CP:
  • Mute Swan family have left the nest (lagoon), but couldnt locate...
  • 2 Little Grebe and Mallard with 2 ducklings (lagoon)
  • 200 Swift and 2 House Martin over the boating lake
  • just fledged Whitethroat...
  • male Reed Bunting (DEH)

Five Oaks Lane Scrubland:

  • 7.25-8.45am
  • 4 Cuckoos (3 noisy and busy males, and 1 female)
  • Kestrel hovering...
  • Green Woodpecker
  • 2 Pheasent (heard)
  • 2 Chiffchaff, 5 Willow Warbler, 2 Blackcap, 8 Whitethroat (less then the other day, but i didnt do the whole site) Garden Warbler singing (and seen)
  • 4 Song Thrush, 3 Blackbird, 2 Wren
  • 3 Great Tit, Blue Tit, family of at least 8 Long Tailed Tit
  • 6 Linnet
  • 2 Jay
  • singing Goldcrest near Five Oaks Lane
  • 6 Yellowhammer (6 singing males) (DEH)

Roding Valley Park, north:

  • Little Egret on the river, just north of Chigwell Road in Woodford Bridge at 6.50am
  • (still present at 4.35pm) (DEH)

Valentines Park:

  • Mute Swan family doing very well
  • As well as the extra pair on the Long Water, we now have a Cob on the Fish Pond.
  • No sign of the Egyptians, but recently I last saw the male on his own, and today I noticed some new down caught on the edge of the nest hole. Possibly trying for a secong brood?
  • 2 male, 1 female Pochard. on Boating Lake. No sign of any romance though.
  • Live G S Woodpecker nest found, or tree doing baby woodpecker impressions. (PHopkins)
Wanstead Park:
  • singing Lesser Whitethroat in old sewage works, along with hunting male Sparrowhawk, Green Woodpecker, plenty of Whitethroats etc.
  • 2 Great Crested Grebes on Perch
  • Grey Heron in The Dell
  • singing Willow Warbler on The Plain
  • Little Grebe still sitting on nest on Heronry; 2 other Little Grebes on the lake
  • 12 Malland ducklings on Heronry and Shoulder of Mutton
  • singing Reed Warbler by Shoulder of Mutton (Tim Harris)
Wanstead Flats:
  • Excellent views of male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker visiting the nest hole over a dozen times. Hurrah! (AHobson)

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