May 20, 2010

May 20th 2010

Barkingside, Cravel Gardens:
  • 3 Goldfinches on a TV arial (Tony Leaderman)
Bush Wood:
  • pair of Mistle Thrushes collecting food (presumably for young) on the edge of Bush Wood (THarris)

Fairlop Gravel Works:

  • 4 Mute Swan, 20+ Adult Canada Goose and 9 goslings visible (others still on nests)
  • 18 Mallard, 14 Tufted Duck, 2 Shelduck, 5 Coot, Moorhen
  • Pied Wagtail, 1 Yellow Wagtail (heard)
  • 2 Grey Heron, 6+ Lapwing, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank
  • 2 Swallow
  • 2 Stock Dove,
  • 5 Magpie, many Carrion Crows and LEsser Black backed Gulls
  • Linnet (DEH)

Ilford, garden:

  • female Sparrowhawk through the garden (Barbara J)

South Woodford, garden:

  • YOUR HELP NEEDED: The 1 remaining Blure Tit chick is still going strong. The mum is calling a lot around in the garden - whether she's trying to get the father back or trying to attract another male I don't know. Anyway, some flies are starting to show interest in the nest (presumably because of the dead chicks that are in the box) and I was wondering whether I should take the dead bodies out to avoid disease. What do you all think? Please leave your oppinions/suggestions in the comments box on todays entry... I am worried about causing unnecessary upset but they will start decomposing soon - although I've no idea how long it takes. (PGordon)
  • Hobby (over, pm) (PGordon)

Wanstead Park:

  • Reed Warbler singing by Shoulder of Mutton Pond (PFerris)
  • 3 Great Crested Grebes (2 on perch Pond, 1 on Heronry)
  • family of 7 Long Tailed Tits (fledged) in the Old Sewage Works (THarris)

Barking Park: (just outside the borough)

  • 178 Carrion Crow, family Mistle Thrush, 3pr Stock Dove, Great Crested Grebe nest (HV)

Chingwell, Pudding Lane: (just outside the borough)

  • pr Little Owl (8pm)

Leytonstone, Station: (just outside the borough)

  • Buzzard (over) (Gary James)

1 comment:

BJ said...

I think the risk of disease etc is greater than the risk of upset and they will definitely start to pong soon!
I'd wait till the mother bird has fed the chick and gone off again and just be as quick and quiet as possible.
What happened to the chicks?