August 14, 2009

August 14th 2009

Valentines Park:
  • 2 Jackdaw seen flying ovr Cranbrook Rd, into the Park 10am (DEH)

Gants Hill:

  • Coal Tit - Still present.
  • Kestrel - Seen at 8.35am at first hovering then soaring over my back garden& surrounding gardens.
  • Sparrowhawks - Female seen & heard at 9.25am when it announced it's presencewith ke ke kee noise which caused panic amongst gardens birds - Also a Juvenile male seen at 5.28pm after being mobbed by some crows followed bymagpies as back up then finally again at 6.25pm in neighbour's pear treeafter originally coming out from tree in my garden...It hid up to about 15minutes somewhere in neighbour's tree .
  • Great Spotted Woodpeckers - First one is the usual one which is now turning into a male which has been coming for the last five weeks to my garden plus today a new Juvenile complete with red crown feeding on peanut feeder.
  • House Sparrows - Quite a number as usual feeding in around garden.Blue & Great Tits - The usual numbers all over the garden feeding.Greenfinches -
  • Mixture of Juveniles & adults feeding.
  • Robins - Two Juveniles & one adult feeding in garden.
  • Magpies - Four in garden feeding & up to no good.
  • Chaffinches - c8 possibly more at back of garden & in trees.

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