August 12, 2010

Pics - Valentines Park

Today one of the Grebe parents was apparently giving the chick a lesson in independence- or else was just being driven mad by his incessant"ch-ch-ch-cheep-ing"! The adult was snoozing quietly on the lake and the chick had been "cheeping" around by the shore under an Oak tree for sometime.
He then approached his parent and did more cheeping without success-i.e. no food! Suddenly, the parent dashed up to him with its beak open and sent him flying! He sped across the lake with the parent on his heels... They then both made their way more quietly to the shore and hovered there for a time, but still the parent did no diving for the chick.

After a time they went their separate ways and I did see the chick doing some successful diving- in that he emerged with something in his beak that he then swallowed... The two adults were swimming about not far away.

Three Pochards were swimming around on both days- two males and one female Ithink- and a Little Grebe was diving around.

Both yesterday and today the Heron was still on the lake- by the North shorein the rain yesterday and today on his usual spot on the island.

Gillian Ware

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