March 08, 2009

March 8th 2009

  • Green Woodpecker flying accross Redbridge Roundabout.
South Park:
  • Pair of Mute Swan, Pair of Greylag Geese, Canada Geese, Mallard, Tufted Ducks, Moorhens and Coots.
  • 3 Fieldfare flying out of the park.
  • 30+ Greenfinch in the tree tops
  • 10+ Collared Doves roosting on the islands
  • 2 Little Grebe, and a Great Crested Grebe!
  • Cormorant took off from the lake and flew out of the park.
Roding Valley Park:
  • Northern section, near Ray Park
  • 7 Linnet, severel wrens singing and nesting.
  • Various Tits and Dunnock (Peter Warne)
Woodford Bridge:
  • 4 Moorhen, Mallards, and the pair of Canada Geese on the pond by St. Pauls Church.
  • Over 100 Starlings congregating around Fencepeice Road at dusk
  • 3 Sparrowhawks (JL)
Fairlop Waters CP:
  • Reed Bunting (Tony Leaderman)

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