March 30, 2009

March 30th 2009

South Park:
  • Mute Swan, pr Greylag Geese, many Canada Geese, Mallard, Coot & Moorhen
  • about 40 Tufted Duck and 2 male Pochard
  • Carrion Crow busy nestbuilding
  • 2 pairs of Blackbird nestbuilding
  • pair of Mistle Thrush taking worms to the nest
  • severel Greenfinches
  • Green Woodpecker and Great Spotted Woodpecker calling
  • pair of Stock Dove copulating (female playing very hard to get!)
  • Also: Wood Pigeon, Feral Pigeon, Collared Dove, Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit
  • 30 or so Black Headed Gulls (some still in winter plumage) and a few 1st winter Common Gulls

Woodford Green:

  • Great Tit, Blue Tit, Greenfinch and Goldfinch all singing on Broadmead estate at 7.30am


  • Pied Wagtail on the roof of Lloyds TSB on Cranbrook Road.


  • Grey Heron over Tomswood Hill, towards Claybury Park.

Fairlop Gravel Works:

  • Evening visit to the Gravel Works Site 6-7pm
  • 1 Cormorant (over)
  • 2 Grey Herons fishing.
  • a few Lapwing making quite a lot of noise displaying in the Works site north of Painters Road (no access).
  • 4 Snipe, 3 (possibly 5) Green Sandpiper, 4 Redshank and 4 Little Ringed Plover on the works site on the south side of Painters Road.
  • 2 Green Woodpecker calling.
  • 2 Little Owls (calling from the nesting site)
  • 4 Skylark (2 displaying), c20 Meadow Pipit, (several displaying), 4 Linnet, and a flock of about 70 Pied Wagtails!
  • 20 Teal, 4 Mute Swan, Canada Goose, Tufted Duck, Moorhen & Coot.
  • 2 Shelduck still present (possibly a third present, but may have been 1 of the pair flying over, if it flew back undetected (by me)
  • 1 Water Pipit. (This was identified by Alan Hobson yesterday, it was in transition to summer plumage, pinkish belly, clear broad eye stripe).
  • 2 juvenile Common Gulls.
  • 1 male Pheasant. (DEH)
  • Goshawk over the gravel works (jessies visible indicate escaped bird) (AAB)

Loxford Lane, Ilford:

  • Cormorant (over) (JMak)

Wanstead Park:

  • a pair of Shoveler on Ornamental Waters (Paul Ferris)
  • Ring Necked Parakeet in the Grove (PF)

Fairlop Waters:

  • 2 Swallow over the main lake (first of the year) (Steve Bacon)
  • Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, 22 Tufted Duck, (CIS)
  • 5 Linnet, 3 Green Woodpecker, 3 Chiffchaff (CIS)

Connaught Water: (just outside the borough)

  • Little Grebe, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 4 Teal, 14 Shoveler, 25 Tufted Duck, 3 Mandarin, 2 Wood Duck. (LH)
  • 3 Green Woodpecker, 6 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 4 Song Thrush, Blackcap, 3 Chiffchaff, 3 Goldcrest. (LH)

Barking Park: (just outside the borough)

  • 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker (L&PV)

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