January 27, 2011

January 27th 2011

Ilford, Ingleby Road;
  • Goldcrest returned today (John Crick)
Ray Park:
  • 1 Common Gull, 34 Black Headed Gull, 2 Great Tit calling (DEH)

Redbridge, Lakes:

  • (new fishing lake off Roding Lane North): 2 Mute Swans (Alan Hobson)

Roding Valley Park:

  • Playing fields, Roding Lane North: Mixed flock of around 70 birds (at least half Starlings), comprising of Fieldfares, Redwings, Song Thrushes, Mistle Thrushes, Starlings, Blackbirds. Also nearly a dozen Common Gulls, Goldfinch, several Greenfinches. 2 Goldcrests (showing v.well),
  • near M11: A dozen Greenfinches (more thn I've seen together for years; are they making a recovery after the virus?), pair of Bullfinches, 2 more Goldcrest (Alan Hobson)

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