April 23, 2009

April 23rd 2009

Gants Hill:
  • Buzzard drifting over at 14.50 (unconfirmed, but likey as also seen elsewhere),
  • Jackdaw, and Blackcap in private garden (Alan Thomas)


  • Buzzard drifting over garden at 13.40pm (northwards) (Jonathan Lethbridge)
  • Greylag Geese (over)

Fairlop Waters:

  • Hobby over in the distance (Steve Bacon)
  • pair of Great Crested Grebe on the main lake. (DE-Hull)
  • Mallard Brood 1 - 12 ducklings present (1 missing)
  • Mallard Brood 2 - 9 ducklings still present
  • Mallard Brood 3 - 7 ducklings still present
  • No sign of the 2 Canada Geese broods
  • 1st Brood of Greylag Geese (6 goslings)
  • Brood of Coot still all present (6 chicks)
  • Also: Tufted Duck, Moorhen, Mute Swans present
  • Grey Heron (over)
  • Short Eared Owl present behind the lagoon agtain today, being mobbed by 3 Carrion Crows at 4.30pm
  • Starlings, Swallows, Green Woodpeckers, 10 Linnets, 20+ Stock Dove, Feral Pigeons, Collared Dove and Wood Pigeons all present by the stables
  • Chaffinch, male Reed Bunting, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Long Tailed Tits all present on the reserve.
  • 2 Kestrels, male hunting, and another bird calling from somewhere..
  • 6 Skylark singing around the reserve.
  • Also: Jay, Magpie, Pied Wagtail, Meadow Pipit,
  • Lesser Whitethroat, many Whitethroat, Chiffchaff, Willow Warblers, and a few Blackcap.
  • Pheasant calling in several places on the reserve. (DE-H)

Fairlop Gravel Pits:

  • 4 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank, 4 Lapwing were joined today by a Whimbrel! the Whimbrel was standing in the mud for about 30 mins, and then flew off east, calling as it went. (DE-H/Steve Bacon)
  • 2 Black Headed Gulls, a Herring Gull and a LesserBlack Backed Gull.
  • 3 Grey Heron.
  • pair of Shoveler, Tufted Ducks, Mallards, Moorhen, Coot, pr of Mute Swan and severel pairs of Canada Geese.
  • Shelduck and Green Sandpiper seen to have finally left.
  • Still lots of Pied Wagtails flying in to roost. (DEH)

Wanstead Park:

  • pair of Garganey on Heronry Pond this evening. (Pete Davies/JLethbridge)
  • Also, escaped Goshawk (with jessies attatched)

Wanstead Flats:

  • lots of singing Skylarks (Tajinder L)
  • 1 Sparrowhawk flying south over Alexandra Lake (early am) (PF)
  • 2 Whitethroat singing east of Alexandra Lake (PF)

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