April 27, 2010

Video - Blue Tits of South Woodford: Episode 1

Peter Gordon of South Woodford has set up a webcam inside a nest box in his garden... and a pair of Blue Tits have moved in... we will be following their progress in this mini-series of a Blue Tit soap.
The Blue Tits of South Woodford - Episode 1: A sneaky peak of my 11 eggs.

Episode 2 coming soon... (Mr. Blue Tit brings Mrs. Blue Tit a tasty snack)


Anonymous said...

It's lovely to see it. 11 eggs; is that usual for blue tits? Here's hoping they all hatch and fledge.


birdwatcha said...

11 is pretty normal for Blue Tits, there can be a lot fewer, but up to 16 or 17 is not unheard of... Due to the high risk of becoming prey they lay so many, it is unlikely that all 11 will fledge, as that is a LOT of mouths to feed!.