December 31, 2008


please note: when new pics are added, the newest is at the top - so this 'story' of the Valentines Park nest is in reverse!!!
Valentines Park nest The first Grey Herons to nest in the borough in over 100 year! (raising 3 chicks)
2 of the chicks out and about, 27th June 2010 (MCondon)

Pics by Gillian Ware

FledgedChick - moves out onto a Coot nest! (June 12th 2010)

June 10th - 1 chick still 'around' but vacated the nest, the other 2 still on the nest ...
(Pics by Gillian Ware)

1 fledged young with a parent testing out the water
lol @ testing out the water!

becoming self-sufficient

1 parent with the remaining 2 in the nest

June 7th - 1 chick leaves the nest

Stepping out of the nest (early june)

testing them wings..

look at me guys.... im out of the nest!

sibling rivalry - your out! and your not coming back!

The Valentines Park Chicks - Emerging From the Nest, and taking first 'flight'

G Ware, 6th June

The Grey Heron Chicks emerge from the nest - and work their way along the branch... testing out their wings (GWare) (Valentines Park, June 3rd 2010)

The Grey Heron family in Valentines Park (May 2010) - the first breeding Grey Herons in the borough for over 100 years.

(pic by Ian Cranston)

following 2 pics by Alex Blackman

(nexy 8 pics by Gillian Ware)

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