December 09, 2008

Great Crested Grebe - Photos

The Valentines Park Grebes, Summer 2010 (GWare)

youngster at Hainault Forest - July 2010 (SHammond)

the family, Valentines Park - July 2010 (GWare)

Valentines Park, June 13th 2010 - now on 3 eggs!


Early June, 2 eggs (GWare)

June 2010 - back on the nest at Valentines Park, after abandoning it in May (GWare)

The Nesting Pair on the Boating Lake, Valentines Park (Gillian Ware),
unfortunately they abandonted the nest on May 25th 2010

South Park, March 2010 (Russ Sherriff)

Hainault Forest CP - March 2010 (MR)

Valentines Park - March 2010 (Russ Sherriff)

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