January 01, 2007

Mute Swan

Mute Swan in Valentines Park, 2011 (photo by Emma Charles)Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)

Mute Swan are a resident breeding bird in the London Borough of Redbridge, there are usually around 50 birds present in the borough with about 10 pairs breeding each year.

This table shows the 21 water bodies in the borough where Mute Swan can be seen.

Eagle PondAlways present
Fairlop Waters, Boating LakeUsually allways present
Fairlop Waters, Fishing LakeUsually allways present
Fairlop Waters, LagoonUsually allways present
Fairlop Gravel Works, NorthAlways present
Fairlop Gravel Works, SouthSometimes present
Goodmayes ParkAlways present
Hainault Farm, ScrapeSometimes present
Hainault ForestAlways present
Redbridge LakesSometimes present
Roding Valley ParkSometimes present
South ParkAlways present
Valentines Park, Boating LakeAlways present
Valentines Park, Ornamental PondsAlways present
Wanstead Flats, Alexandra LakeAlways present
Wanstead Flats, Jubilee PondUsually allways present
Wanstead Park, BasinSometimes present
Wanstead Park, Heronry PondUsually allways present
Wanstead Park, Ornamental WatersUsually allways present
Wanstead Park, Perch PondUsually allways present
Wanstead Park, Shoulder of MuttonUsually allways present

Breeding: This table shows where breeding occured each year.

Eagle Pond
Fairlop Waters, Boating Lake1
Fairlop Waters, Fishing Lake1
Fairlop Waters, Lagoon1
Fairlop Gravel Works, North1
Fairlop Gravel Works, South
Goodmayes Park11
Hainault Farm, Scrape
Hainault Forest11
Redbridge Lakes
Roding Valley Park1
South Park111
Valentines Park, Boating Lake111
Valentines Park, Ornamental Ponds1
Wanstead Flats, Alexandra Lake1
Wanstead Flats, Jubilee Pond
Wanstead Park, Basin
Wanstead Park, Heronry Pond
Wanstead Park, Ornamental Waters11
Wanstead Park, Perch Pond11
Wanstead Park, Shoulder of Mutton11